Maths Curriculum

The Teaching of Maths : Foundation Stage

In Foundation Stage, Maths is taught and learnt daily using a combination of whole class, focused and independent activities. The classrooms are resourced with specific Maths areas; some resources are constantly available (continuous provision) for children to access, whilst others change regularly and are placed there to enhance learning. When different maths concepts are introduced to the class, the appropriate, practical resources are made available so children can demonstrate independent learning. This is evidenced through photographs and observations.

Other areas of the classroom and outdoors are used to encourage mathematical skills too and practitioners are experienced in scaffolding learning so that children develop a natural engagement in maths eg. counting playdough cookies onto a tray.

Maths in Foundation Stage is learnt through practical, engaging and challenging experiences to provide all children with a solid base of skills that will underpin their future learning.

The Teaching of Maths : Year 1 - 6

There are four additional aspects to the teaching of Maths at Kexborough Primary School above the daily maths lesson. These are all designed to be short, focused sessions on specific aspects of the mathematics curriculum.

5 A Day

Children complete this activity as soon as they enter school at 9;00am. This session focuses on pure calculations and consists of an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculation as well as one involving fractions.

 Place Value

This is a ten minute session which follows the “5 A Day”. It focuses upon the place value aspect of the Maths curriculum. Children are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of place value but also manipulate numbers and be able to use this knowledge to explain and justify.

Rapid Recall

This session comes at the start of the daily Maths lesson. The purpose of this activity is to develop children’s mental recall skills to improve speed, fluency and accuracy. We have very clear expectations laid out for each year around the knowledge and skills that the children need to develop.

Maths Chat

This section comes after the ‘Rapid Recall’ and is designed to  create a “Maths conversation”. This focuses upon developing the children’s reasoning skills and to support them using their Mathematical knowledge to ensure that they can explain both the answer and their working out.


We follow the National Curriculum for Maths and have a number of documents which show the coverage of objectives is planned for over each year group. The first set of documents below, show the statutory and non statutory guidance for each year group as well as the added expectations from us as a school.

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We also have a medium term plan which lists the order of curriculum coverage. This document is followed to ensure progression within each year group and across the whole of the primary phase.

 Medium Term Planning Kexborough Primary.docDownload
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The booklets below outline the arithmetic and recall expectations for each year group. They also show the written calculation methods that children are taught within each year group.

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