Headteacher welcome

 On behalf of the children, staff and governors I would like to warmly welcome you to Kexborough Primary School. We hope you find our website clear, informative and easy to navigate. The aim of the website is to give you a flavour of the school as well as the learning, achievements and successes that take place every day.

It is vital to us that we create an atmosphere that is vibrant and engaging as well as an environment where pupils enjoy learning and make a positive contribution to our school. Children are at the heart of everything that we do and our ultimate aim is to support them in developing a lifelong love of learning to enable them to succeed in all aspects of their school life and future careers.

If you would like any further information about our school please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jane MacKay

Headteacher, Kexborough Primary School


Ofsted Inspection Report





CLASS                                                                      NAME                                                                          POSITION

                                                                                    Miss Mackay                                                           Headteacher



FOUNDATION STAGE ONE                           Miss Thorpe                                                             Teacher


Mrs Speight                                                            Nursery Nurse


FOUNDATION STAGE TWO                          Mrs Clay                                                                   Teacher/EYFS Leader

Miss Guest (Friday)                                            Teacher


                                                     Mrs Dunn (pm)                                                      Teaching Assistant

                                                                                     Mrs Bould (am)                                                     Teaching Assistant

                                                                                     Mrs Ripley (am)                                                    Teaching Assistant


KS1                                                                            Miss Cocker                                                              Year 1 Teacher

                                                                                    Mrs Powell                                                                Year 2 Teacher                                                                                             


                                                                                   Mrs Cookson                                                            Teaching Assistant

                                                                                   Miss Jagger                                                              Teaching Assistant


KS2 – YEAR 3 AND 4                                    Mrs Hebron                                                              Year 3 Teacher

                                                                                 Mr Brocksom                                                            Year 4 Teacher


                                                                                Mrs Hodgson                                                            Teaching Assistant

                                                          Mrs Shillito                                                                Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club


KS2 YEAR 5 AND 6                                      Mrs Woodhead (am)                                              Year 5 Teacher/ Asst Head

                                                                               Mrs Ellis (pm)                                                             Year 5 Teacher/ Deputy Head

                                                                                Miss Smith                                                                  Year 6 Teacher/Assistant Head


                                                                                Mrs Richardson                                                       Teaching Assistant/SMSA

                                                                                Mr Rudkin                                                                   Teaching Assistant


WHOLE SCHOOL                                           Mrs Conway                                                             School Business Manager

                                                                                Miss Kane                                                                 Admin Officer

                                                                                Mrs Frostick                                                            HLTA

                                                                                Mrs Smith                                                                 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

                                                                                Mrs McGowan                                                        Teaching Assistant (Speech Therapy)

                                                                                Mr Grace                                                                    Caretaker


                                                                                Mrs Sacre                                                                  SMSA/Breakfast Club

                                                                                Mrs White                                                                 SMSA

                                                           Mrs Tooby                                                                SMSA 

                                                           Mrs Hall                                                                    SMSA

                                                           Mrs Parkin                                                              SMSA

                                                           Mrs Senior                                                               SMSA